Limerick, Ireland- 5 Best Things To Do

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Limerick City, Ireland

Limerick City
Limerick City

Set along the banks of the majestic River Shannon, Limerick is a historic old spot with a wealth of culture and a range of attractions and activities. Check out our quick-fire guide to getting the most out of your visit to Limerick City.

1. King John’s Palace, Limerick

 King John's Palace, Limerick
King John’s Palace

King John’s Palace is one of the most isolated buildings in Limerick City, and for many, it is an unforgettable image of the city by the great river Shannon.

This 800-year-old fortification built in the early 1200s and its Anglo-Norman architecture is as stunning as ever today.


So prepare to transport yourself through 800 years of history as you trace life during Norman times with the aid if excellent exhibitions, excavated houses and buildings, battlement walks, and siege mines.

All in all, a visit to King John’s Castle is a fascinating place and a great way to spend a few hours getting deep into the history of Limerick – and you can also enjoy superb views of Limerick City itself from the castle. For more, visit the official website of King John’s Castle.

2. Shopping In Limerick City

Shopping in limerick
Shopping Area

Limerick City has some fantastic shopping options, so it is the perfect place for a spot of retail therapy. The city center has all the top brand and high street stores you would expect, and some fantastic craft shops are also present.

The best roads to enjoy some great shopping are Patrick Street, Cruise Street, O’Connell Street, and you should also check out Arthur Quoose Shopping Center.

And if you prefer to do your shopping under one roof, we suggest you make your way to the Crescent Shopping Center in the Doradoyl area, two miles from Limerick City Center. Along with all of your favorite outlets, Dooradoyle also has a 12-screen cinema, banks, creche, and much more all contained within 37,000 square meters of shopping heaven with over 2,500 free car parking spaces.

3. Art and Archaeological Artifacts

Hunt Museum

For a spot of history, pop along to the Hunt Museum on Rutland Street, where you can check out the works of some of history’s most renowned artists such as Picasso, Renoir, and Yeats.

The museum houses are the most extensive private collections of art and archaeological artifacts ranging from unique displays such as medieval works, tools from the Celtic period, the Scots Cross of Mary Queen Of Scots and the Greek coin that is said to be one of the “thirty pieces of silver” given to Judas Iscariot!

And after a few hours of history and culture, you can drop into Ducarts Restaurant within the Hunt Museum, where a variety of snacks and meals.

One great feature of the restaurant is the stunning views of the River Shannon and Curragour Falls. For more, visit the official website of the Hunt Museum.

4. Visit Thomond Park

Thomond Park
Thomond Park

Very simply, the people of Limerick City are rugby crazy! Limerick is home to the famous Thomond Park, which is home to the Munster rugby team, which has tasted a tremendous amount of success in Europe’s Heineken Cup competition in recent years.

And Thomond Park is an experience in itself because the grounds create an extraordinary atmosphere that is unique to the game of rugby.

Due to its recent redevelopment, Thomond Park has been used to host major soccer internationals as well, so the stadium is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the best sporting venues in Ireland.

So if a game is taking place at Thomond Park during your break in Limerick, do check out the pleasant matchday atmosphere. For more information, visit the official website of Thomond Park.

5. Taste Local Food In Restaurants

Restaurant in Limerick

Limerick has a vibrant pub and restaurant scene that is well worth checking out. Pubs in Limerick city range from traditional, old-style pubs where the focus is on a conversation to the bright new super pubs where a variety of entertainment options provided under one roof.

And Limerick has a wide selection of restaurants where you’ll find the influences of Irish, international, Asian, and much more all on one menu!

Restaurants range from the high end of the market gourmet establishments right through to the traditional restaurants with a focus on Irish cuisine.

All in all, you will find restaurants in the city, all committed to serving locally produced dishes, so you are assured of excellent food and service at all times.