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Karon Beach is definitely one of the Nicest Beaches In Phuket beaches to stay in during your vacation on Phuket.

KARON BEACH, Nicest Beach In Phuket
Relaxing At Karon Beach, Nicest Beaches In Phuket

Karon Beach is one of Phuket’s most popular beaches and resort areas.

Karon beach is a long and almost ivory white sandy beach which is very popular among European visitors and especially tourists travelling with children.

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Karon Beach , Nicest Beach In Phuket
Karon Beach at Morning

Karon beach is located just south of the hill from Patong and can be reached in 10 minutes.

Once you cross the hill and are able to see Karon beach, you will first notice the beautiful and breathtaking Karon beach which is nearly 5 kilometres in length. Karon beach is one of the longest Phuket beaches.

There are a number of Karon beach resorts build along the Karon beach road as well as some shopping and entertainment venues.

However as Karon beach is such a long beach and not as busy as neighbouring Patong beach, the whole look and atmosphere of Karon beach are very relaxing and holiday-like.

Karon beach is very quiet and non-commercial when compared to Patong beach.

It is possible to lay down your towel on a stretch of sand and not have your nearest neighbour for another 100 meters.

sunset at  Karon Beach
sunset at Karon Beach

There is sure a better way to spend your vacation in Phuket.

Local Phuket surfers love surfing on Karon beach as conditions allow for some decent surfing.

Swimmers should note that during some periods of the year Karon can have a strong undercurrent so please always check with your hotel front desk or local lifeguard station.


Kata beach is located on the west coast of Phuket and ranks as one of the best Phuket beaches.

Kata beach, the Nicest Beaches In Phuket, is located just south of Karon beach. Some travellers do at times get confused as to where Karon beach ends and Kata beach starts.

The similarities between the two Phuket beaches and the adjacent villages is remarkable.

Kata beach consists actually of 2 separate beaches which are somewhat different from one and other.

The larger of the 2 Phuket beaches that make up Kata beach is the Kata Yai and the smaller beach is called Kata Noi.


Kata beach

Kata Yai actually means Kata large as Yai is the Thai word for large. Kata Yai ranks among the cleanest beaches on Phuket.

It should not come as a surprise that not only tourists enjoy staying at Kata beach. Many local Thai residents and Phuket ex-pats go to Kata beach on their day off or on public holidays.

Visitors to Kata Yai can buy food, drink and an assortment of other items from local beach vendors who seem to be much less of an annoyance than their counterparts in Patong.


As Kata beach is relatively quiet when compared to Patong, visitors can enjoy the beach at Kata Yai and Kata Noi in a relaxing fashion.

There are sun loungers and parasols available for rent along both Kata beaches. You do however have space and privacy which tourists using Patong beach do not have.

The sunbathers using the beach at Patong are almost touching shoulders with other tourists as the beach is overcrowded during especially the high season.


Both Kata Yai and Kata Noi offer water sport opportunities to tourists and visitors.

A number of local operators offer jet skis, parasailing, banana boat rides and the likes to people visiting Kata beach.

Many younger tourists are more than eager to try the different water sport opportunities which are offered at Kata beach.

Although the waves found at the Phuket beaches are relatively small, there is active local surfing and Boogey boarding community consisting of both Thai and young Phuket ex-pats.

The Nicest Beaches In Phuket location for the surfers and Boogey boarders is actually Kata beach.

The current and waves during the rainy season seem to offer better conditions for surfing and boogie boarding then during the dry season.

The number of surfers riding the waves at Kata beach is considerably larger during the monsoon season.


Nicest Beach In Phuket
Nicest Beaches In Phuket

Kata Beach offers a large number of hotels and guesthouses to tourists and only Patong beach and possible Karon beach are larger when it comes to the number of hotel rooms that are present in each of the Phuket resort areas.

The quality and prices found at the Kata beach hotels, resorts, and guesthouses vary a great deal.

Tourists looking for a 5-star hotel and a luxurious holiday can easily find what they are looking for in Kata as can backpackers who are travelling on a really tight budget.

Kata beach has been a long time favourite among the European tourists and tourists travelling with their family.

Kata Beach offers a more upscale and peaceful environment to tourists if compared to other Phuket beaches such as Patong beach.


boats at Kata beach
boats at Kata beach

Many of the tourists staying in Kata beach do not care for the famous nightlife of Phuket and therefore the nightlife industry in Kata beach is rather small in comparison to that of Patong.

The entertainment during the evening in Kata beach is for many tourists simply enjoying an excellent dinner and possibly a cocktail afterwards to finish the night.

A number of restaurants offer live music which seems to be exactly what the tourists staying in Kata beach prefer.


Nicest Beach In Phuket

There are a number of Kata beer bars including Kata bar girls available for tourists. The number of beer bars in Kata is considerably lower than the number of beer bars found in Patong.

Tourists wishing to go beer bar hopping or clubbing at a Phuket disco simply drive down to Patong which is only a 10 minutes drive away.

Due to the decline in visitors to these Kata beer bars, a number of Kata beer bars have closed down permanently over the last few years and the land was used for other businesses.


Kamala Beach is one of the nicest beaches in Phuket and a number of great Phuket hotels can be found along this Phuket beach.

Kamala Beach, Nicest Beaches In Phuket

Kamala Beach, nicest beach in phuket
Kamala Beach

Kamala beach is located to the north of Patong beach. The drive to Kamala beach from Patong is under ten minutes however it seems you reach a completely different world once you reach Kamala beach.

Gone is the hectic and noise which you encounter in Patong and a clean white sandy beach and overall quietness welcome you.

This is one of the main reasons why tourists with families travelling to Phuket prefer the resort area of Kamala beach over Patong beach and even Karon and Kata beach.


Kamala Beach
Kamala Beach

Tourists visiting Kamala beach will not encounter large high rise Phuket resorts or hotels along the beach nor will they find extensive commercial properties including shopping malls, nightclubs and the likes.

Visitors will find a few charming beachside restaurants, a couple of shops, a small number of lovely guesthouses and a few bars. That is about as far as commerce has hit Kamala beachside.


Kamala Beach
hotel view

Kamala hotels are generally not directly located at the Kamala beach which creates a much nicer atmosphere and environment for tourists.

Of course, Kamala is no longer as quiet as it once had been when it was still a low key quiet fishing village. Kamala plays host to the world-famous Phuket Fantasea. Please note that the Phuket Fantasea is located land inwards and tourists staying at one of the Kamala beach hotels will not have any disturbance from a large number of Phuket Fantasea visitors.


sunset at  Kamala Beach
sunset at Kamala Beach

Kamala beach offers ideal conditions for water sports.

Many visitors to Kamala beach participate in one or more of the water sport activities offered to them.

A number of Phuket dive shops can be found along the Kamala beach road.

The southern section of the Kamala beach reef offers splendid conditions for those of you that enjoy snorkelling.

The water is crystal clear and the Andaman’s flora and fauna are of great quality in this snorkelling area in Kamala beach.

Please be warned that dangerous currents do occur during the rainy seasons which can lead to swimmers being dragged away from the coast and other dangerous conditions. Please, therefore, pay attention to local lifeguard and safety warnings.


Bang Tao beach is one of the nicest beaches in Phuket and It is definitely well worth the visit for any Phuket visitor. The Laguna Phuket complex was built along Bang Toa beach due to the spectacular qualities of Bang Tao beach.

Beach at Bang Tao

Bang Tao
Bang Tao

Bang Tao beach can at times appear somewhat crowded. The Laguna Phuket complex is located at Bang Tao which explains for the number of visitors to the Bang Tao beach.

If you choose a section of Bang Tao beach not located directly in front of the Laguna complex you will encounter a more quiet and beautiful beach.

LAGUNA PHUKET BEACH, Nicest Beaches In Phuket

Bang Tao beach
Bang Tao Beach

If you are a guest staying at one of the Laguna hotels or resorts then simply take a short walk towards either the northern or southern section of Bang Tao beach and It is one of the nicest beaches in Phuket.

You will soon discover many quiet and secluded spots along the crystal white beach at Bang Tao. The Bang Tao beach is definitely among the nicest Phuket beaches.

The water of the Andaman Ocean appears much cleaner and clearer at Bang Tao beach than at other locations on Phuket such as Patong beach or Karon beach.

The clear water at Bang Tao creates ideal conditions for those tourists that love to snorkel during their Phuket holiday.

The southern section of Bang Tao is more developed as this is where the Laguna holiday complex was built.

If you visit the northern part of Bang Tao beach then you will encounter an ocean clearer the Andaman Sea and the actual beach is even cleaner and whiter.


Evening Time

Bang Tao is the most exclusive area and It is one of the nicest beaches in Phuket of Phuket. This is mainly due to the quality of the hotels that can be found in Bang Tao.

The local businesses that were built at Bang Tao clearly accommodate for the different type of clientele that Laguna has in comparison to tourists staying in Kata or Kamala beach.


Bang Tao
Quite Beach

The vast majority of shops and restaurants and bars in Bang Tao are located directly outside the entrance of the Laguna Phuket complex along the main entrance road.

You will find a number of Thai and international restaurants as well a small number of bars.

You can off course also enjoy one of many excellent restaurants and bars that the five different Laguna Phuket hotels offer. Outside guests are more than welcome to visit these establishments.


Bang Tao beach
Snack Shop

There are a number of high-quality souvenir vendors and Phuket tailor shops located at the entrance of the Laguna resort complex.

You will also find a number of Thai and international restaurants as well a small number of bars.

Within the Laguna Phuket hotels area, you can also visit Laguna’s very own shopping mall.

The Laguna shopping mall consists of around thirty local shops which offer mainly a selection of high-quality souvenirs, local art and tailor-made clothing.

Shoppers can also find a variety of items which travellers might end up requiring such as sunblock, sunglasses and a bikini.


Bang Tao beach, nicest beach in phuket

There are a number of activities that can be enjoyed at Bang Tao beach by visitors.

Most of these activities are open only for use by guests staying at one of the hotels or resorts inside the Laguna Phuket complex.

Please note that some of the activities can be enjoyed by outside visitors against payment or when purchasing a day pass.

The Laguna Phuket golf club and the Banyan Tree golf course is the main activity found at Bang Tao taking not into consideration the Bang Tao beach itself or the beautiful swimming pools located at the various Laguna hotels and resorts.

Other Bang Tao activities to be enjoyed include an excellent climbing wall, guided elephant trekking through the nearby tropical forest, horseback riding on the beach during sunset, yoga lessons, kids club and many more.


Bang Tao beach

Bang Toa nightlife has not really been developed due to the type of hotel guests staying at the Laguna Phuket complex.

There are many couples and families staying at the Laguna Phuket hotels and many of these guests would not be interested in visiting a Phuket beer bar or Phuket nightclub.

Tourists staying at one of the Bang Tao hotels who would like to experience the legendary Phuket nightlife simply organize transport to Patong through their hotel concierge or rent a car.

The drive to Patong takes about 20-25 minutes. If you will be consuming any alcohol then we would recommend for you to simply hire a car with a driver who will drive you back whenever you want.


 Rawai Beach, nicest beach in phuket
Rawai Beach

Rawai beach is one of the nicest beaches in Phuket and is known for its great seafood and as a departure point for day trips to nearby islands such as Racha and Coral Islands.

Rawai beach is located along the western coast of the island in the southern part of Phuket.

Rawai beach is a quiet and laid back Phuket beach compared to some busy Phuket beaches like Patio beach and Karon beach.


Kinds of seafood

Rawai provides excellent seafood for its visitors. Many local seafood restaurants line the beach in Rawai.

This great seafood restaurant is one of the reasons why Rawai is well known among local Phuket ex-pats and tourists.

You will find many Thai families enjoying the Phuket seafood at Rawai beach.

It’s always a good sign if the local Phuket population eats at a restaurant you are considering dining at.

Many local foreign residents have chosen to rent or purchase a house in Rawai beach.

Real estate prices are inexpensive if compared to other parts of Phuket and living in Rawai can be extremely pleasant.

There are a number of bars and restaurants that have opened to in Rawai beach that cater to a large number of Phuket ex-pat residents.

The prices at these Rawai bars and restaurants are normally considerably cheaper than those you would encounter in Patong or Karon beach.


Speed Boat, Nicest Beaches In Phuket

Ravai Beach is also used by lots of tour companies as a departure point for boat trips.

Speed boats departing from Rawai take tourists on half-day and full-day trips to dive locations, secluded beaches and a number of small islands which surround Phuket.

Many tourists staying on Phuket travel to Recha or Coral Island during the day as the opportunities for snorkelling are excellent in these small islands.

Islands like Racha and Coral island are surrounded by great Corel reefs which is ideal for divers and snorkellers.

If you book a day trip during your holiday in Phuket then please do try to visit one of the great seafood restaurants in Rawai beach.


 Rawai Beach
Rawai Beach

The easiest way to reach Rawai beach from Patong or Kata is simply by taking the scenic beach route.

Simply keep driving along the coast southbound and you will end up at Rawai beach. It is one of the most southern beaches of Phuket.

If you are coming from Phuket City, Cape Panwa or from the Phuket airport then simply take the main road leading south past Phuket City which ends up in Chalong.

When you reach Changlong you will end up at the Cholang roundabout.

You will see a sign with Ravai printed on it and just follow that sign and it will take you to Ravai Beach in minutes.

Ravai beach is a great place and is one of the nicest beaches in Phuket for your friends or family to have a relaxing and a few lazy days.

Relationship over time in RAWAI

 Rawai Beach
Rawai Beach

Find an empty table with a large tree-shaded by the line of Ravai beach. Order some big bottles of Chang Beer and just sit there and enjoy your company and the beautiful views of the Andaman Sea.

You can also enjoy watching normal Thai families having lunch or dinner at these Rawai restaurants in Phuket.

You will now understand why some people mean when they refer to Thai people and their obsession and love with their Thai cuisine and the nicest beaches in Phuket.


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