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main town of Algarve

Algarve is full of great cities and villages to travel during a great holiday, and one of the best is Albufeira. This delightful city is full of things for the whole family, making it an ideal place to stay or roam during your stay. The next time you travel to Albufeira, here is four main attractions.

1. Marine zoo, Albufeira


Marine Zoo is an excellent place to spend days during Albufeira’s visit. If you are looking for things for the whole family at your Algreo Luxury Holiday, then when you go to the Marine Zoo, you can not be very wrong. Filled with sea creatures and birds, including seals, sharks, dolphins and birds of prey, in fact, the whole world of excitement is on offer. Fun education is mixed with because children learn about all endangered species and conservation issues. There is a huge Aquarium, which has 4D movies which are showing environmental films and also rides a lot of theme parks, so it entertains an outstanding day at any Algarve luxury family holiday.

2. Sail on a pirate ship, Albufeira

Pirate's ship
pirate ship

Algarve has a rich marine history, and you can truly experience its full thrill during your Algarve luxury holiday by travelling to sea on a full-sized pirate ship. Powered by Dream Wave, Pirate Ship is known as LeoZinho, which means Little Lion.

When you go on a tour, you can choose to go on a two-hour tour or half-day tour. You will visit beautiful places along the coast including sandy beaches and charming rock formations. You are usually given the opportunity to go swimming in the ocean, and often you will also see dolphins. It all makes for a great day.


3. Old Town

old town

If you have gone to the Marine Zoo and are travelling on a pirate ship, then the next thing you want to do on your Albufeira Luxury Holiday is to take a break and relax. The Old Town area is just perfect for doing this. With its stunning pedestrian streets, pleasant restaurants and bars, and many cafes, it is perfect to walk and relax. The best time to travel in the evening is because Old Town really comes to life.

You are certain to catch some street musicians performing, and there are lots of shops to explore. If you are looking for interesting places to explore, there is an archaeological museum, but if you just want to freeze out of the sea, there are a couple of pleasant beaches to choose from – Praia does Peneco, and Praia dos Pescadores (Fisherman’s Beach), which is probably the most popular.

4. Beaches of Albufeira

coastal area

Apart from the two beaches in Old Town, there are many other beaches to see in Albufeira. You want to stay in the city, or you want to go to a small drive in the outer area for more options, there are many beaches where you can relax, rent an umbrella, lie down on the sand Or can you participate in some water sports.

Enjoy that Albufeira has to offer

Algupara is a great place to celebrate a great holiday. To do a lot for all the family, it is ideal for a day or two for a trip to enjoy many activities on offer


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