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Antwerp is a beautiful city in Belgium and the second-largest city in Belgium, can be a tourist choice to consider if we are in the Netherlands. The Hague, in about two hours by train or private vehicle, we are already in the center of Europe’s second-largest port city.

Antwerp, Belgium
Antwerp, Belgium

Several times a walk to Antwerp, we always park on the Sint-Michielskaai road, which is located near the city center on the banks of the river Schelde.

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At the southern end of the way is provided a free parking area, which is quite extensive. But on Saturdays or the holiday season, like when we went there recently, the place is often full.

So we must be patient looking for a place that is still empty because many who want to park for free there he… he…

After walking about 5 minutes from the parking lot towards the city center, the oldest building in Antwerp is the Het Steen castle, which means stone.

So named because this castle was the first building in Antwerp to use stone as its primary material while other structures of the time were still made of wood.

 Het Steen castle, Antwerp
Het Steen Castle, Antwerp

The castle, which was built in the 13th century, has been renovated several times. Besides, it also served as a prison from 1549 to 1823. From 1952 to 2008, the castle functioned as a National Maritime Museum.

Currently, the castle, Het Steen, is used for children’s educational entertainment. The castle, which is also located on the banks of the Schelde River, is guarded by a statue of Lange Wapper at the front,

The origin of the name Antwerp turns out to also smell like a legend. The following story is the version best known by tourists. Once upon a time, the region around the Schelde River belonged to the giant Druon Antigoon.

This giant often scolds sailors who pass this river. Whoever cannot pay, then his hand will be cut off and thrown into the river.

One time a Roman soldier named Silvius Brabo finally succeeded in killing Druon Antigoon. His hand was cut and then thrown into the river Schelde.

Antigoon hand sculpture on the Meier 24 Antwerp street

Antigoon's handpiece sculpture, antwerp
Antigoon’s handpiece sculpture

The place where the event took place was called Antwerp, which came from two words “hand,” meaning hand, and “werpen,” meaning to throw.

This statue of Silvius Bravo, ready to throw a Druon Antigoon, can be seen in front of the town hall, just a few meters across the road in front of the castle of de Steen.

While Antigoon’s handpiece sculpture by artist Henri De Miller can be enjoyed by tourists who love shopping precisely on Meier 24 street.

Goossens bakery in Antwerp

 chocolate Goossens
chocolate Goossens

Antwerpen’s city center is indeed fun to explore. This can be seen from several tour guides who seem busy explaining moving objects in the city center to tourists.

The cuisine is quite diverse. Like the Netherlands, Antwerp is also famous for its chocolate, bon-bon, and cakes. One of the famous bread and cake outlets is Goossens on the Korte Gasthuisstraat 31st street.

We also want to taste the raisin bread, which is said to be delicious, but because of the long queues like queuing with cold air added with drizzle, we chose to fill the stomach with fried potatoes at Fritkot Max.

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