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Hello friends MOMOS are becoming more attracted to fast food in today’s fast-paced life and everywhere, such a very special and famous dish is seen to eat us. Most of which are very liked by Peoples are “MOMOS”. So your friend, Jitendra, has come here for you to create a new dish called “CHILLI CHEEZ MASHROOM MOMOS”

So let us know how it is made: –

20 Materials to Build Momos

1) Maida = 50 gms
2) Finely chopped mushrooms = About 200 grams
3) Finely chopped ginger = 1/2 cm
4) Onion = 1 piece
5) Finely chopped garlic = 1/2 cup
6) Black Pepper Powder = 1/2 Chapel
7) Finely chopped chili = according to the requirement
8) Cheese = according to the need to grate
9) Salt = as per the requirement
10) Water = as per the requirement
11) Green onion = 1/4 bowl

Method of making:-

 Mix the salt in it and take it like a dough and leave it covered for about 
1.30 hours. So that the flour of dough becomes soft and waxed. Now prepare the filling for filling in the later moms. Fry the pan on the gas and add oil to the pan and heat it, then add onion, garlic, and ginger to a little. Now add finely chopped green chilies and finely chopped mushrooms. Keep on cooking until the mushroom remains, keep on cooking it. If the water remains, then it will not be well filled in the dough. When it all becomes brown, then add the remaining things to it and close the gas and allow it to cool. Now add the stuffed stuff to it, now take some water in Idli or momos stand and make it hot. Fill the small puffs from the flame of flour and fill it with 1 to 2 tablespoon made. Now let’s stop giving it as much as you like. First make all the dough with a cotton cloth and cover it with a cotton cloth and finally pour the oil on the Momo or idli steamer and fill the mummies in it and close the lid and leave it for 15 minutes then eat your Momos with your favorite chutney. 

Now you can eat it….
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