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If you have been looking for a getaway to rejuvenate and de-stress, Karwar welcomes you for an adventure. Pack your bags and get ready to explore some of the magnificent places here which are simply paradise on earth.

Karwar is the district headquarters of the Uttar Kannada district. It is an apt spot for all weather port facility, surrounded by a row of islands. You can experience the Mediterranean effect without leaving India. It has numerous places which have distinctive features to mesmerize the tourists who visit here.

Karwar does not have an airport hence you take flights to Dabolim airport in Goa which is 58 km from Karwar. There are regular trains from major cities which ply to Karwar railway station.

Karwar is located on the coast which means most of its area is covered with beautiful beaches to give its tourists an exotic experience. Some of its famous shores are:

Devbagh Beach

Devbagh is an island which is accessible from Karwar. A peaceful spot is absolutely suitable for some quality time with your special one.

Devbagh Beach

Tilmati Beach

A perfect place for a picnic or a night stays, camping in tents over the rocks of the nearby hill. The beach has black sand which is very fine making this place a unique destination. You can indulge in fishing by the rocks at Tilmati.

 Tilmati Beach

Majali Beach

It is a fabulous place to visit which is just 12 km from Karwar Railway station and is famous for its sea-facing resorts and cottages.

The Rabindranath Tagore Beach is also a must visit here.

Majali Beach

Kurumgad Island

It is an island with virgin beauty to explore. A treat is given to us by Mother Nature, a remote haven at the coast of Karwar. The accommodation here is quite local with its rustic feel that will rejuvenate your senses. You can make the most of your stay by indulging into rock climbing, bonfire, dolphin spotting, water sports and boat rides. It is truly a paradise on earth where you can escape from the busy city life and find solitude.

Kurumgad Island

Guddali Peak

It is situated around 6 km from Karwar and is at an elevation of 1800 ft above sea level. The journey to the top is not easy, but if you’re an adventure junkie seeking some thrill, gear up for the climb because nature will gift you with a great view.

Guddali Peak


It is a fort which is a popular tourist spot situated by the Kali River bridge. It is 5 km from Karwar. It was built in 1698 AD. The fort has a historic influence being a place visited by Shivaji Maharaj. The fort offers a stunning sea view.

Bridge To Shadashivgadh

Kadra Dam

It is 33 km from Karwar and is built across the Kali River and is famous for its powerhouse. The project is on the making to make this dam even more attractive by adding fountains, park, and caves. Water sports are also being planned on its reservoir. The Mahamayi temple near Kadra is a popular spot visited by tourists.

Kadra Dam

Yana Limestone Peak

It is 60 km from Karwar port and is renowned for its gigantic appearance. There are two peaks each of which is 390 and 300 ft high. The taller one is known as Bhairaveshwara Shikhara while the other is known as Mohini Shikhara. The place around these stones is covered in lush green forests which give a great visual appeal.

Yana Peak

Warship Museum

It was called INS Chapal which was a Chamak class missile boat of the Indian Navy. The ship has been maintained for visitors. It consists of a tour which includes a video viewing session which is very educative.

INS Chapal

Water Sports 

Water Sports

Water sports like Kayaking, Banana ride, and Snorkeling are some of the fun, adventurous activities available in Karwar. All you need to do is to take a 45-minute journey to the island called the Kurumgad, which has facilities for all these water sports as well as dolphin spotting.

Scuba Diving

Apart from these, you can also make a day trip to Dandeli, which has one of the best rafting zones in the country. The River Kali in Dandeli is well-known for its Grade 3 rapids. Apart from rafting, you can also indulge in rappelling, cave exploration and enjoy the natural

What to eat?

NonVeg Thali

If you are a foodie, Karwar will make your tongue salivate. With amazing seafood, Karwar cuisine is just mouth-drooling. From Fish Briyani to Rave Fish Fry, from Dal Tohi to Solkadi, the cuisine here has something for everyone.

What to buy?

Hand Made Crafts

Jewellery, handicraft, Cauvery arts, silk garments, etc. are quite famous here. Besides these, as a traveller, you can bu

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