Exploring The Southern Most Part : Kanyakumari

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Exploring The Southern Most Part

 : Kanyakumari

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the
things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the
bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in
your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”—Mark Twain
5 vagabond, 4 days, 3 Rides, 1630km is what we made. This journey is a special
one, I clocked 10K km totally on my ride too. I am super excited to share this
story, I hope this weblog will incite the travel bug in you. We have failed many times in the past with our executions but not this time. Yes, we made it to the
southern tip of India.
This was probably the hardest the road we crossed in this trip. Not one but two,
There were a bunch to intimidate us with their (Fù)notions.
We were searching for a spark, That day I read a man drove all the way from
Mumbai to Kanyakumari in a moped averaging 450km per day, Plus he also
took his wife in that and have made 6400 Km somewhere in the north. That
was the (WTF) moment which made us do this!.
RED letter day:
“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and
adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only
we seek them with our eyes open.”—Jawaharlal Nehru.

The dawn arose, The one we were waiting for. Five in total, all set and geared
up for an epic journey that was about to unfold. Even with so much meticulous
planning, we stumbled initially. Fortunately, they were just hiccups.
Day 1
7:00—The journey started as we moved away from the city.
8:30—We started off from the filling station and moving out of the city,
limiting ourselves (60kmph) until we crossed the threshold (City limits).
14:30—We reached the city of Trichy where we had our high tea & headed our
way to Rameshwaram.
20:00—We reached the Pamban Palam which was 2.5km in length above the
ocean with a railway track alongside & also saw 3 KTM Duke(390) riders from
22:00-We did a pit stop and also decided to halt for the day. Fortunately we
managed to find a motel, which fitted in our pocket
Day 2
9:00—After a good night’s sleep, we found a place worth visiting called
Dhanushkodi. We were the only folks with bikes in that town. The town was
buzzing with cars and vans which was the regular mode of transport. We did a
4×4 drive along the ocean beds & managed to see a submerged island which
was once a working city & had trained to Srilanka before the tragic tsunami blew
the city.
11:30—We started to Kanyakumari, the destination for our trip after our
lunch in Rameshwaram. Travelling toward our goal on the muddy sections &
sometimes just gravel, haunted us in the middle of nowhere. It was pitch black
until we reached Kanyakumari at 22:55.
23:00—we were surprised to find many people (agents) who were prepared to
show us rooms for the price we could afford & information about the sunrise &
pieces of stuff. At last, we earned a well-deserved place to lay us saddle sore. We were
totally exhausted but we were still dreaming of all that we came through and
also about the glorious sunrise that we were set to rise
6:20—We saw the sun-god rise to the occasion where a massive number of
people gathered to witness it. We took a solitude path and managed to capture
some of the best memories we had.This was perhaps the best possible way in
which we could affront the naysayers a lesson.
8.00- We had our brunch and visited Gandhi Mandapam, Thiruvalluvar
statue & Vivekanandar house.
9.00- Journey back home-We headed our way to reach Trichy, It was a
The herculean task for us to cover 700kms to Chennai on a single day.
21:00 -We reached Trichy covering 400kms on that day in 10hrs from
22:00—Did a late night pit stop, Found out one of our rides has had a
puncture. Thanks to the technology we needn’t change tires, We filled in air
and decided to fix it early in the morning.
23:00—We found a place to stay.
Day 4
8:00 – went to a mechanic fixed it in just about 30 minutes.
10:30—With 300kms to reach home, we started & knew we would make it
before dusk, as we travelled on highways & we gathered rhythm and were
moving on a good pace.
16:30—As we reached the city limits we fed ourselves and our rides. That
moment we realized we just had 50km to go.
17:30- We had a photo session to end our trip & congratulate ourselves on
making this EPIC journey.
I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life”
― Michael Palin

Story Credit—This is a guest post made by one of our ardent readers
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