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Horticultural tourism in Netherland:- Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and eggplants used to be unusual in the Netherlands. But these products are now very easy to get and consume at any time in the country’s four seasons.

Naaldwijk, Horticultural tourism in Netherland

Narrow land, cold climate and high demand for consumption of vegetables and fruits encourage farmers in the Netherlands to grow crops in a greenhouse.

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Wanting to know how the fruits and vegetables were produced in greenhouses, last weekend my friends and I walked to one of the “glastuinbouw” complexes or greenhouses in the town of Naaldwijk about half an hour from where I stay in Zoetermeer.

Naaldwijk is located in the Westland area which has the largest greenhouse complex in the world and also the oldest in the Netherlands. Incidentally, there is an event “Kom in de Kas”, meaning “Enter the greenhouse”. It is the best place for Horticultural tourism in Netherland.

This annual event is held every early April since 1977. More than 200 greenhouse companies throughout the Netherlands open their doors free to the public so we know more about the activities behind this greenhouse.

Flower House
Flower House

For transportation to the location of the greenhouse complex, the committee prepared a bus that departed from the Flora Holland flower auction at Naaldwijk.

After traveling by bus for about five minutes we stopped right in front of the “Looije Tomaten” greenhouse. This 66,000 m2 tomato company is owned by the Looije family.

Here we enter the company office on the first floor whose walls are also made of glass to get brochures and maps from 12 greenhouse companies participating in the Kom in de Kas event in Naaldwijk, Horticultural tourism in Netherland .

Then we walked down a hallway and down the stairs and arrived at a room that turned out to be the inside of a greenhouse.

Take a walk to Tomato garden in the Looije greenhouse, Horticultural tourism in Netherland

Horticultural tourism in Netherland
Tomatoes Small Plants

The climate inside this greenhouse has been conditioned so that the air feels a little stuffy and hot. In stark contrast with the cold weather outside accompanied by clouds that hovered since morning.

Here we see a video about growing tomatoes from seeds to grow into tomatoes, and then on to the tomato garden in the next room. On the right and left of the road that we passed seen tomato plants neatly lined up and began to bear fruit.

Dennis, one of the officers there, showed us the yellow buds of tomatoes. “After being fertilized by beetles, these flower buds will become tomatoes and are ready to be harvested nine weeks later,” he said.

tomato Greenhouse, Horticultural tourism in Netherland
Tomato Greenhouse

While listening to Dennis’s explanation, we tasted “honing tomato”, honey-flavored tomatoes as big as one of their best products are provided to be enjoyed by visitors to their heart’s content.

Informative impressions can be seen from several audio-visual media spread throughout the room. Visitors can get information about energy use, production control and packaging of tomatoes.

In the corners of the room, the officers are ready to answer all visitors’ questions.” Horticultural tourism in Netherland “

With high technology, robotization, and automated equipment, the “glastuinbouw” or horticulture sector turned out to have an important role in the Dutch economy.

Based on statistical data, in 2012 the Netherlands exported 1 billion kilos of tomatoes, which means 62 kg per Dutch population (source: CBS ).

Naaldwijk streets

Naaldwijk streets
Streets in Naaldwijk

The atmosphere inside a van der Arend tropical greenhouse
From this tomato house, we plan to see horticulture in other greenhouses on foot.

But unfortunately, it was raining quite heavily outside and just realized that we didn’t bring an umbrella at all. We then decided to take a bus which just happened to drop off a visitor in front of this “Looije” greenhouse.

Apparently this bus stops at the last stop close to the location of a tropical plant greenhouse. Alhamdulillah, we were entertained because there was still a chance to visit one last greenhouse.

Once entered into the greenhouse “van der Arend Tropical Plantcenter” seemed to come to the garden party.

There are quite a lot of visitors. Some sat and enjoyed the food and drinks they had ordered from the canteen, while others quarreled while enjoying the tropical atmosphere that is rarely found in the Netherlands.

Take a walk, Succulent in a van der Arend tropical greenhouse

Tulip Flowers
Tulip Flowers

We walked among fourteen meters tall palm trees, banyan trees, and other trees. Nico, the officer there approached me while I was admiring the succulents, the ends of which were painted colorful.

He told me that the plants that were “made over” turned out to be very popular in France. Dahlias, kanthil flowers, olive trees, banana trees, and deer cymbals are also widely bred here.

Its customers are mostly from offices, zoos, and indoor tropical pools.

Beth feels we linger to stay here enjoying the green leaves and lush tropical plants. But the rain outside had stopped. This reminds us to end this very memorable horticultural tour.