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Aerostat Adventures Hot Air Ballooning in South Africa

Hot Air Ballooning in  South Africa
Hot Air Ballooning in South Africa

Hot Air Ballooning in South Africa flying is weather dependent as no one cannot guarantee a safe flight in fog, strong wind, hot weather or rain.

Hot Air Ballooning in South Africa flights usually takes place at sunrise before the thermal activity starts.

As hot air ballooning is an outdoor activity you should wear practical clothes, preferably cotton, a sweater will help shield the early morning chill.

Sturdy shoes are necessary. Please bring your sunglasses and a hat, if you are tall and sensitive to the heat of the burner. Remember to bring your camera, but please note that there is no insurance for camera equipment.

Ballooning is a sport and therefore everyone is welcome to help with rigging the balloon.

They will explain how to assist with the inflation and within half an hour you are airborne.

Please listen to the pilot for your own safety. There is no upper age limit, but you should be fit enough into the basket.


Hot Air Balloon Safaris over the Pilanesberg Game Reserve

Hot Air Ballooning in  South Africa
Hot Air Ballooning in South Africa

If you love Africa and the African bush then one of the most fantastic experiences would be to view game from a hot air balloon, in their natural environment, undisturbed as you float silently over their heads.

There are daily sunrise flights for groups of between four and forty passengers per day, whether permitting.

Just before dawn you will be collected from your hotel and transported to the heart of the Pilanesberg National Park.

After your flight of approximately one hour, there is a champagne celebration on landing followed by a full English breakfast.

Adjacent to Sun City and the world-famous Palace at the Lost City, is the Pilanesberg National Park, one of the largest and most prestigious National Parks in Southern Africa covering some 55 000 hectares.

It is an extinct volcanic crater which provides sanctuary to a huge variety of animals including the big five. Game drives are part of the experience.

Imagine floating silently over a pride of lions or a herd of elephant as they slowly make their way to the waterhole.

Game viewing by balloon offers a camera platform unequalled by any other form of flight.

Airtrack Adventures was started by Marty de Kock in 1989 after completing a documentary over the Kalahari Desert with his first balloon.

Since then Airtrack Adventures has earned the reputation as one of the leading balloon operations in the world.

Airtrack boasts a fleet of 16 balloons ranging from 2 men to 12 man balloons, with a capacity of flying 60 passengers a day countrywide

Hot air balloon safaris over Hartebeestpoort Dam in Gauteng

Hot Air Ballooning in  South Africa
Hot Air Ballooning in South Africa

From a slow-flowing voyage of a hot air balloon, you’ll experience “720 degrees”, a wrap-around panorama of beautiful valleys and a huge lake north of Johannesburg, which, incidentally, features some of the world’s best balloon weather.

She claims Champagne as you go, and enjoy what some describe as the closest thing to heaven.

Bill Harrop’s original balloon safaris is run by Bill and Mary Harrop who have been in the business of operating a licensed balloon Air Transport Service since 1981.

Over three thousand very happy passengers each year are testimony to their professional attitude in entertaining you to one of the most memorable, enjoyable experiences of your life.

Their large hot air balloons carry six to ten passengers each.

Drakensberg / KwaZulu Natal Midlands, Hot Air Ballooning in South Africa

Hot Air Ballooning in  South Africa
Hot Air Ballooning in South Africa

Airborne Adventures operates hot air balloon flights on the edge of the Drakensberg mountains and the Natal Midlands in KwaZulu Natal South Africa.

Take off is from various sites around the Kamberg Valley and Natal Midlands within sight of Giants Castle. Hot Air Ballooning in South Africa

You will meet approx 30 minutes before sunrise at your allotted hot air balloon launch site.

Here your pilot will give you a safety brief. Once the hot air balloon is heated and your in! You will enjoy a flight of about one hour.

After helping pack the balloon you will return to a location close to the take-off point for an Alfresco breakfast and Champagne.

Hot Air Ballooning in the Cape Winelands

Hot Air Ballooning in  South Africa
Hot Air Ballooning in South Africa

Wineland Ballooning offers a unique adventure in the beautiful area of the Boland, about an hours drive from Cape Town.

Hot-air balloon flights take place in the beautiful Berg River valley outside Paarl in the direction of Malmesbury.

A gentle ascent takes you well above tree-top level and with a light breeze, you fly away over the fields, vineyards and orchards.

All manoeuvres are smooth and silent with the exception of short bursts of the burner. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of freedom floating through the sky as slow as a cloud and as free as a bird.

As the balloon is completely dependent on the wind and its direction, you never know where you will go.

The retrieve vehicle will follow on the ground and after approximately an hour’s flight, they will meet you at the landing.

Then they pack the balloon back onto the trailer and return to Paarl where the Grande Roche Hotel expects you with a delicious breakfast buffet.

Hot Air Ballooning in South Africa


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