Ipswich: Things To Do In This City

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This beautiful city Located in Suffolk on the banks of the river Orwell. Ipswich is the county town of Suffolk and is one of the largest towns in the East of England.
Ipswich has been an important town since Roman times. So there is plenty to see and do whether you are visiting the town for leisure or business. There is a wide range of hotel accommodation locally, so you’re sure to be able to find somewhere to stay that fits your budget.

1. Sport


Ipswich Town Football Club is the local team and you may be fortunate enough to catch them playing at their home ground. The Portman Road Stadium. They produced two of England’s most successful football managers: Sir Alf Ramsey and Sir Bobby Robson. Although recently their performance has dipped and they feature in the second tier of the football leagues. For a faster event, check out the Ipswich Witches speedway team at the Foxhall Stadium where races have been played out for over half a century. Rugby fans can choose between Rugby League and Rugby Union. Unusually, the town has teams for both of these rugby codes.

2. Arts and Culture


By its nature, Ipswich seems to attract artist. There are plenty of galleries including one at the stately home Christchurch Mansion. It’s an ex-monastery with around 70 acres of wooded grounds if you prefer nature’s creations to man-made art. Art exhibitions are also a regular feature at Ancient House. Which, as its name says, is a really old building dating back to the early 1400s.

Transport enthusiasts will want to visit the Ipswich. Transport Museum which mainly features vehicles that have either been built or used locally to the town. These include trams, trolleybuses, fire engines as well as prams, cranes and wheelchairs. If you visit at the right time of year, you may be able to see the annual Ip-Art festival. It’s a free day at Christchurch Park.

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3. War-time Ipswich


One of the more interesting museums in Ipswich is also one of the smallest. It is the Clifford Road Air Raid Shelter Museum. It isn’t open very often but if you can manage to visit, It provides a fascinating insight into some of the conditions that would have been experienced during World War Two.

4. Eating Out in Ipswich


Although your hotel may have a restaurant, it’s also worth checking out the local eateries. Ipswich is well catered for in this respect, with Chinese, Indian, French, Italian, British and other cuisines. For a quicker meal, there is the usual selection of sandwich shops and coffee bars. You could take in a meal in one of the many pubs and wine bars. They are scattered all over the centre of the town.

5. Ipswich Nightlife


If you’ve got time, there are cinemas and theatres where you can spend a leisurely evening watching the performances. For those who want a drink outside the environment of their hotel bar. There are plenty of bars and pubs in the centre of Ipswich as well as several night clubs. So that you can dance the night away!

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