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Lakshadweep,  its meaning “hundred thousand islands”, is well equipped with beautiful and charming sea shores of India in Lakshadweep. Lakshadweep is India’s smallest Union Territory. This region is also called a group of beautiful islands, which is located 400 km away from the Indian Ocean’s west coast.

The total area of ​​this state is 32 square kilometers and it has 36 islands. It is made up of 12 atolls, 3 rocks and 5 submerged oceans. There are not many Indian tourists here, but gradually this region is becoming a center of attraction among the tourists. This state is full of coconut trees, surrounded by islands, and creating a continuous line of velvety sand.

Lakshadweep’s unique charm lies in the fact that each island is a small principality in itself, a remnant of ancient times and a little influenced by the outer world. All the islands of this state are equally mysterious and beautiful and very beautiful of its tourist places. Provides a mixture.

Here some of the islands have been advised for touring diving and water sports. Lakshadweep is visited by Kochi from Kerala and all tourists (including Indians) need permits to go to Lakshadweep.

Indian tourists are permitted to visit all islands only after the permit, but even after permits, foreigners are allowed to travel only to Agarti, Bangaram and Kadmat islands. Visitors get permits from Kochi only.


Let’s go to see the beautiful beaches here :-


1) Minicoy island


Minicoy Island, one of the 36 small islands of the Lakshadweep group, also known as Maliku in the local language. One of the most mysterious islands of India. It is located between the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea, about 398 km away from Kochi.

The total area of ​​this island is 4.801 sq km, and it is especially known for its coral reefs, white sandy beaches such as cotton and the brackish water of the infinite ocean. Minicoy Island is the second largest island of Lakshadweep, and is one of the 36 islands group.

It is the most famous for its luxury beach resorts and is the ideal place for peace seekers. It is an ideal place to spend some unforgettable time with your loved ones between clean beaches and beautiful ocean. Minicoy Island is the perfect place for nature seekers, because this island has not yet been practiced by commercialization.

For the best experience, you undoubtedly offer a different experience looking at pearls like white beaches and deep blue sea and staying in great resorts. It is one of the popular tourist destinations and is one of the most celebrated destinations due to the presence of tuna caning, tuna fishing and beaches along the ancient palm. The best place to go here is in the beginning of summer or cold .

2) Agatti Islands


Agatha islands are considered to be another jewel from 36 islands of the Lakshadweep group. It is known primarily for the delightful beauty of coral reefs. This island is situated on one of the coral islands of the Lakshadweep islands and it is one of the islands that have been adopted by people.

Tourists often visit Agatti islands to roam the day, which is a very beautiful place filled with white sands, with clear and clear water like glass, under the deep blue sky.The total area of ​​this island is more than 3 square kilometers . This island is much smaller than many other islands but it is like a beautiful paradise for beach lovers and offbeat travelers.

It is a less populous island with nearly 8000 inhabitants. There is no dearth of natural beauty on this beautiful and magnificent island. It can walk on the island or rent two-wheeler for travel. Every corner of this city lies in natural vegetation and beautiful geographical structures.

3) Bangaram Island


Bungaram Island is a beautiful island located in the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean, a beautiful island. Even here, the ancient seaside and lively coral attracts the rocky passengers.

Swim with colored fish around the entire island, seeing how the sting rays move, watching the dolphin fills one with itself. Here the turtles go on the beach and under the water comfortably, watching them carefully and carrying them without bringing them to the world to play with them.

This memorable experience can never be forgotten. This fascinating island is also called Bunagara in the local language and it is considered less searched in the Lakshadweep Islands. The area of ​​Bangaram is approximately 1.234 km.

Here lagoon is also found, which presents a charming view. It is the largest island in the series of islands of the Lakshadweeps. This island is also known as Atol. This island has a population of only 10 and is just a beach resort, The Bangaram Island Beach Resort, it is a suitable destination for those who want to spend some time peacefully with the developed world fully.

This resort was started in 1974, and after it became operational, it became more accessible to tourists and also got connected by air from Kochi. The Government of India is also doing a lot of work to promote tourism on the island and is poised to make it the international tourist major tourist destination.

4) Kalpeni Island


Kalpani Island, also known as “Koepheni” in the local language, Kalpani Island is a group of three islands. This island is one of the most beautiful areas of Lakshadweep.

Cheriyam, Pitti and Tilakkam islands that together form Kalpani Island People live in these islands and tourists also go here. Kalpani Island has created tourist attractions around its beautiful lagoon. This island is highly prosperous in the coral life of the island. Naturally, this place is one of the best places in Lakshadweep.

It is also a great place to enjoy adventure water sports including scuba diving, snorkeling, reef walking, canoeing, kayaking and sailing boats. Its area is 2.79 square km and the population is 4419 (according to the last census) And the literacy rate here is around 85%.

5) Kavaratti Islands


Kavaratti Island, Lakshadweep is one of the most beautiful islands in the 36 islands group. It is also the capital of Lakshadweep and famous for its spectacular sea scenery and white sand beaches like ancient pearls.

Kawarti is located approximately 360 kilometers from Kochi. Here is the nearest airport to Agatti Island. The Government of India has been selected to develop Kavaratti as a smart city.

Kavaratti is a small island spread over an area of ​​3.93 square kilometers, but on this island there is no dearth of natural beauty like on other islands. The island is home to 12 atolls, 5 sea shores, and three coral reefs.

A breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea, the bright white sand beach provides an immense peace between the calm nature. The beaches are full of coconut trees, and when you take a dip deep inside the expanses of the ocean and once you see the abundant marine life of the island.

Clutter is well known for its beautiful sceneries and adventure water sports.


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