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 This place is the most suitable for tourists who like rain and clouds. Masinaram is inhabited in Meghalaya and is accepted as one of the most rainy places in the world. Masinaram is an ideal destination for nature lovers to see the beauty of the beautiful and rainy beauty.

Maw‘ of the beginning of the Masinaram is a very large word which means ‘stone’. Masinram is a unique Megalithic symbol in Khasi Hill area. This village is known for the formation of the huge mountain of a slagmite, which looks like the big size of ‘Shivaling‘. Located in the eastern district of Meghalaya, Masinaram is located at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level.

Rainfall is 11,872 millimeters in the monsoon Ram, due to which the local villagers have to use to build terraces of their houses with dense grass. Due to its high altitude from the sea level, the heat sometimes becomes very high. In the winter season, its temperature is 11 °C  and the heat rises to 20 °C  in the beginning.

In the winter season in Masinram village from December There is very little rainfall in February and this place experiences a little dry season and this season does not exceed the rainfall of 30 millimeters (1.2 inches).
There is plenty to spend time with and explore for tourists like Cherrapunji, Massmai Falls, Massmai Cave, Nokkalikai Waterfalls, Kreim Falat, Davki Eko Park etc.

So let’s go see the beautiful scenery here :-


1) Cherrapunji

rain forest ,Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji is also known in the local language with the word “Sohra“. One of the most wet places on earth, Cherrapunji is an ideal place to relax with your loved ones and spend their holidays in their clean and ancient surroundings.
With a unique atmosphere in this village and its unique beauty and atmosphere similar to the latest dew drops, Cherrapunji is a unique place to tweet you from inside. The water flowing in this area appreciates the unique climate here and the pleasant air that refreshes the mind. These include Dane Thalen Falls, Noh Singhingthong Falls, No Colki Falls and many more waterfalls. This place is one of the surprising and famous sites for tourists in the rainy weather conditions of rainy season. This place is connected to the outskirts of Bangladesh and is a remote area surrounded by green grass and forests.

2) Massamai falls /Nohsngithians falls

 Massamai falls / Nohsngithiang falls

Massmai Falls, also known as Nohsngithiang falls. This place is known as the fourth highest waterfalls in India. It has seven fractal waterfalls, which goes to the top of the limestone cliffs of the Khasi hills.Because it is visible from far away due to the limestone rock cliffs of Khasi Hills falling from a height of 1,035 feet. It has 7 sisters The waterfall is also called. You can see this waterfall falling from the Eco Park. There is also a place on the way to Cherrapunji, from which it is very pleasant to see the seven springs. When this water falls on the paths of choosing water, it offers a fun view. Massamai Falls is a beautiful waterfall located 1 kilometer south of the Maasin Ram.

3) Masamassai Cave

Masamassai Cave

Meghalaya is home to some wonderful and mysterious caves and the Masamassai cave is one of them and is very popular among tourists too. There is a breathtaking queue of caves available in the eastern hills of the Maasin Ram. This place is situated about 6 km from the heart of Massinaram, Cherrapunji. This cave is completely illuminated with light and when light is seen on these chosen stones, Bani’s natural attraction in it shows its effect even more formidable. However, all the caves in this area are considered to be the most popular among the lovers. Masamasai Cave is a very beautiful cave, to which tourists from all over the world come here. There is a separate world of cave flora and fauna. The length of the cave is approximately 150 meters, which is not bigger than many caves in this region, but the attractions and structures here provide a different glimpse of life. Bats are found here in the cave and many crystals are found here.

4) Mawmluh Cave

Mawmluh Cave

Malmallah Cave is one of the longest caves in the Indian sub-continent, and it is a sprawling spot spreading in an area of ​​about 4.5 kilometers. This cave is known in the local language as Kreml Malmuluh. This cave is full of bats, so before you go here, take care of your safety and keep a torch.

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