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5) Noh-Kalikai Falls

Noh-Kalikai Falls
WONDERFULL PLACE OF MEGHALAYA is Mawsynram. Fourth largest waterfall in the world, Noh-Kalikai Falls, descending on the ground from a straight reef about 300 meters above the ground, sees the depiction of its vast and natural splendor. This waterfall is the pride of the state of Meghalaya, one of the most beautiful and gorgeous waterfalls. Sitting in the midst of the evergreen rain forest of Khasi Hill and flowing with all its glory and power, it falls into a lagoon that looks blue like the sky.
The Noh-Kalikai Falls Waterfall is one of the most popular and important places in the northeast of India. The name of this waterfall is a popular story behind the falling of Noah. The name of this spring is related to the sad story of the woman named Likai, there was a local woman who had a daughter and her husband was dead.WONDERFULL PLACE OF MEGHALAYA
For some reason she married another, but she gave more time to her daughter, to which her second husband hated daughter and one day when Likai was working in field, then her husband killed her daughter and cooked it after cooking When Lakshai came back from work, she got her daughter’s cut finger in a basket, after which she became very sad and jumped from her and gave her life. From then on, the name of this spring is his name.  Nohkalikai waterfalls.

6) Krem Mawkhyrdop or Krem Mawmluh

Krem Mawkhyrdop or Krem Mawmluh
Located in the south of Cherrapunji, this place is a major tourist attraction and there are lots of caves found here. Some of the caves here are very long and dark, from which the Karme Feet is the main. Within this cave there are three separate entrances within two different river routes. This place is always famous for the local people and tourists, which is why the crowd is still here.Krem Mawkhyrdop or Krem Mawmluh WONDERFULL PLACE OF MEGHALAYA.

7) Eco park

Eco park
Built by the state government in the plateau of Masinram, which is a major attraction for local people as well as tourists. Local people enjoy vacation with their loved ones here. Shillong Agri-Horiculture has given this park many beautiful orchids located in the green house of Eco Park and enhancing the beauty here.
One of the main points of Eco Park is the visual point of view from where the vast, plain but exotic stair plains of Bangladesh can enjoy the scenery. Eco Park is also WONDERFULL PLACE OF MEGHALAYA

8) Krem Lawshynna ( Lawshynna Cave)

Krem Lawshynna ( Lawshynna Cave)
It is located in the Penangshang forest area on the left side of the entrance of Cherrapunji. This cave is locally known as Kremlin Lushina. It is about 4 kilometers away from Cherapunji’s market. This cave is located on the hill ‘U Lum Shinna‘. Which means Clear View Kuke shows many songs of Masinram from here and due to being situated on the Bangladesh border, the grounds, villages and rivers are clearly visible. A river flows inside this cave and it appears that we are walking in that river.Kremlin Lushina is also the WONDERFULL PLACE OF MEGHALAYA.

9) Davaki

A small town which falls on the border of Meghalaya and Bangladesh, which is known for its own, Jayanti Hills, Davaki and its famous river  Umangot “.” Between India and Bangladesh, settling between India and Bangladesh, a major center of trade between India and Bangladesh Apart from being a business center, it is famous for its tourism scene, many people experience boat rides in its famous Umangot river. The steps are as clear as a glass and you may have to pay a price of 400 to 600 rupees to roam the boat in this river. Most people come here only during the monsoon season. Davaki is also the WONDERFULL PLACE OF MEGHALAYA

10 Wahakaba falls

Wahakaba falls
This waterfall is a beautiful and scenic waterfall situated on the Umstu hill opposite the Umstu coast. This wonderful waterfall has its own unique story. According to the legends, there were two fairies on Umstu hill, one of which was black and the second was of white color. One day, both of the fairies went to buy goods in the nearby market, but none of them were identified. But some young people looked carefully and found that their shadow was not being made, due to which the people were suspicious and when they talked about those fairies When they came to know, they hypnotized them and made them disappear, but after some time their hypnotism begged them and let them go home. Then the people of the villages believed that the fairies got married with these guys. Hence the name of these waterfalls was “Waheqaba” since that time. This fall is also the WONDERFULL PLACE OF MEGHALAYA

11) Leunggangi Waterfall

Leunggangi Waterfall
This waterfall is located approximately 1 km away from the Latterange village. Lingangi in the local language means “falling water” and “nothing to worry”. This place is full of nature, here many types of vegetation are found. The proper time of travel here is the time of monsoon. Because this time the rain is continuous, the water falls on its puberty and the green and greenery is green. This is my is also the Best part of WONDERFULL PLACE OF MEGHALAYA


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