New Hampshire, The Best Tourist Spots in N. H.

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New Hampshire has The Best Tourist Spots. this is my new topic friends and here I mentioned the most popular destinations of New Hampshire. so let’s read my article.

New Hampshire

sunset-view, new hampshire

New Hampshire is one of the states of the New England region of America. It is just a small state but it covers a wide range of beautiful scenery which makes it one of the choices for tourists within the country and even those outside. If you visit for instance when it is in the season of fall, you will be able to witness the amazing foliage and how it covers the mountains. You can go to visit the following historical places when you plan to have a vacation in the state.

Canterbury Shaker Village ,New Hampshire

canterbury-shaker-village, new hampshire

If you are more of a historical person and you love to learn more about the history of a certain place, you can take yourself to the Canterbury Shaker Village. it is the Best Tourist Spots in New Hampshire. This place contains about 25 buildings which were built in the year 1700 and so on. You will be able to discover their lifestyle in the past and how people lived their life by transferring and exploring one building to another or checking out their museum. To safely enjoy your travel, bring your phone stun gun.

The Horatio Colony House Museum

old coloney house

The Horatio Colony House Museum is another historical site. Here you will be able to see the residence of Horatio Colony. It is known descendant of a well-off family in Keene. You will be able to see the family’s beautiful collection and furniture where it gives a classy and well-refined style of a home. The collection consists of different objects and paintings which he got from all his undertakings and trip from other places in the world.

New England Ski Museum

New England Ski Museum


Moreover, if 

you are a fan of different sports in the snow especially skiing, you can visit the New England Ski Museum in Franconia. The state is known for its skiing resorts and favourite places for this sport that is why a museum is built for such an activity. You will be able to see different exhibits, films and videos about the history of the sport especially on Nordic and Alpine skiing history and events.


Strawberry Banke Museum, New Hampshire

Strawberry Banke Museum


In addition to that, you can also relive history. When you will try to visit the Strawberry Banke Museum situated in Portsmouth. It was in the year 1957 when Dorothy Vaughn, the city librarian, stressed out that they must save their history by stopping the tearing up of the building for the purpose of urban renewal. Because of this, up until now, you can have the chance to witness the buildings. The lifestyle of the past because of this 9.5-acre museum.

The Pierce Manse, New Hampshire

documenting president house

Finally, you can also take a trip to the house of the fourteenth president of the country, Franklin Pierce. The Pierce Manse in Concord is open for the public. You will be able to see what the life of the president and his family was during the mid 19th. This gives you the chance to appreciate the beauty of the interior design during that time. Also the chance to see the personal items used by the president.

These are the five historical places that you can visit in New Hampshire. Bringing your most powerful stun gun would allow you to safely undertake your trip on your chosen destination. Relive history and appreciate what life was like in the past.