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Patong Beach Introduction

Patong Beach
Evening At Beach

Patong Beach, Thailand, is the largest and most developed of Phuket’s resort areas. Patong is a great destination for single tourists and for families as well.

Patong has gained the reputation of a wild and mischievous beach resort town since it first became popular among international traveller networks.

Patong has suffered from this reputation as many tourists with families chose for other Phuket beaches to spend their holiday at such as Kamala and Karon beach.


Patong Beach Paragliding
Patong Beach Paragliding

There is a noticeable trend though which clearly shows more and more tourists with families choosing beach and its hotels and resorts as the place to spend their holidays whilst staying on the island.

Patong has more than just wild Phuket nightlife to offer its visitors, for which Patong became famous.


The recently build shopping mall clearly shows how well Patong is suitable for both the young and the old.

The long and crystal sandy beach of Patong is a sunbather’s paradise and the clear and clean waters of the Andaman Sea are snorkellers and the diver’s dream comes true.

There are numerous spots along the three-kilometre sandy beach for tourists to rent a nice umbrella and beach chair and just as many places to purchase a refreshing coconut shake or an ice-cold Heineken.


Patong Beach, bars and shops
Bars and Shops

Along the beach road of Patong, shoppers will find hundreds of shops and market stalls which sell anything from the latest music albums and recently released Hollywood blockbuster movies to the latest Italian designer suits at one of the many Patong tailor shops.


Patong Beach view
Beach View

There are many Patong activities that can be found along Patong Beach. There are several places where one can rent jet-skis or can partake in parasailing, windsurfing and water-skiing.

Patong Beach
Patong Beach

For those of you that prefer a more relaxing time spend on Patong beach then why not true a relaxing and energizing beach massage from one of the numerous beach masseuses that can be found along Patong beach.

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