Rajgir A Historical Place Of Bihar

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Bihar’s “Rajgir” maintains a different identity among the tourists. This place has hidden the secret of many historical places in its own right. It is located about 100 kilometers from Patna. It is well connected to rail and road. It takes about 3 hours to go here. This place is very important for all religions. The tourists come from almost all the world here. Firstly, people knew it as Givaraja. It was the capital of Magadha state.This place was founded by the rulers of the Maurya dynasty. It is revealed by the archeology department found here that this place is related to Krishna’s period (about 1000 B.C.). There used to be a secret of Jarasandh. Due to the invasion of Jarasandha repeatedly Mathura, Shri Krishna established the city of Dwarka on the shore of the Mathura with the people of Mathura which has merged in the sea today. In Rajgir, Jarasand used to practice weapon weapon. He was the king of the very great but rogue demonstration of history. This was also the battle of Jarasand with Pandavas.This is also the Akhada of Jarasand where he practiced wrestling. Rajgir is surrounded by mountains and forests from all sides. There is a lot to learn about the tourists and to roam around here.

  So let us know about some of the famous places here: –


Vishwa Shanti Stupa

It was built in 1965, this bright-white, 40-meter stupa stands on the top of Ratnagiri Hill, 5 km south of the city. Vishwa Shanti Stupa Rajgir has a long lasting shrine. This temple is situated on the top of Griddhakuta or Ratnagiri mountain, at a height of 400 meters above sea level. This temple was built by the Japanese as a symbol of world peace. This structure is completely built in marble and contains four golden statues of Lord Buddha in which each represents its life time of birth, knowledge, publicity and death. To reach here you have to climb the mountain or we can use the flying crib. A temple has been built near this stupa which is called ‘Nipponjan Myhoji‘. If you walk here, climbing up to the Stupa will be fun. In the climb, you get a place to rest. This is a peaceful place. There is a peaceful place to hope. The view of the valley above here is very pleasing. The green mountains seem to be very beautiful. Here are some shops in the middle where you can buy light snacks but beware of the monkeys, the characters will be yours as they have bought or brought.


This cave has been made very ancient and very strong. Looking at this cave, it seems that there were so many amazing and sophisticated artisans in the scientific arts. Many of the buildings he has built are still very decency and firmly standing in this world. According to legends, there is a lot of gold hidden in Songupa but it is not clear what time this treasure belongs to. Kuni history has given evidence of the existence of two great kings in which there was a Jarasand and the other was a Bimbisara. But according to the evidence, this treasure seems to be more of Vibhishar. The wall of this cave has been made so strong that the British could not even fly this cave from the top shells. Nissan of these cannon balls is still present here. Said that on the walls there is something written in the numeral lippy and only when this will be read, the door of this cave will be opened. It is said that the quantity of shellfish was the only book which was kept in the library of Nalanda University but the Khaliji burnt the entire university in which the book was burnt too and no knowledge of this language has been done to anyone.


This place was built in 1951 by Bhikshu Jagdish Kashyap. The reason behind this is to rebuild the old Vidyavasas and propagate their propaganda. In order to fulfill this, the first President, Mr. Rajendra Prasad ji played an important role. In 2006, it received honorary university status.


Nalanda ruins

Nalanda College ruins its glorious history itself. It was the largest college in its time. This school is nestled in Nalanda district. Come here and find out how old our past is and how bright it is. Here people came from far away to get education, but this college was burnt down by the Khilji and completely destroyed it. Today no one lives ahead of India and another country is our education To come to India

At first there used to be many waterfalls. But there is only a few remaining of which Brahmakunda, Vishwamitra Kund, and Makhdum Kund are famous. Brahmakund is located in the foothills of Vaibhav hill. Its water is approximately 38 c. Its water is very beneficial for arthritis patients. The same kund has the other two kunds, from which Makhdumkund is sacred to Muslim religion, named after Fakir Makhdoom Saheb.

Ghradkuta Mountains

Goddess Buddha Ji used to give his message at Ghridkuta Mountain. The beautiful view of the valley is very pleasant from here. To reach this place, the hill has to be climbing and there are 3 caves in its paths, the first is Rahula, the second is named after Sariputta and the last Buddha. From here the view of the sunset is very pleasing. If you come here, then definitely go to this mountain.


This place is situated on some distances from the main city and here you can go from there. You can also use the horse car to go here, but it is very demanding. This person takes 100 rupees. This is a very quiet place. This pond is similar to the lower part of the horse’s pear, which is why it was named Ghoda bowl. Here you can also enjoy the joy of running a boat. This is a huge pond. Here, the work of making 70 feet high statue of Gautam Buddha is going on fast. There is no way to go here, due to which there may be some difficulty in going here.

Venu Forest

This forest was built by King Bimbisar and they later gave it a gift to Lord Buddha. This place was very dear to Gautam Buddha. Whenever Rajgir came, he used to stay at this place. Here a pond is located and it is said that Lord Buddha used to bathe on this. This forest is made of bamboo trees. It looks very beautiful forest, which is made of beautiful bamboos.

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