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Uttrakhand’s beautiful hill village

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Everyone knows about Uttarakhand, it is not wrong to say for the tourists here or to say that Uttarakhand is a paradise for those who travel. Your holidays will also fall short for the entire Uttarakhand tour. Uttarakhand has a lot of philosophical sites, of which Sarmauli is a small place which falls in the Kumaon district of Uttarakhand. This village is surrounded by hills surrounded by snow. Wherever we go for walking and all the things we see, we get all the things in the hills of Uttarakhand. Like the tranquil atmosphere and snow-covered hills from all sides, the best place for tourists, the convenient place for the family, the perfect place to spend summer holidays, but we can also enjoy some kind of adventure games in some way. Rafting, paragliding, flying fox, mountain climbing, tracking etc. can take advantage of such games. Uttarakhand used to be a part of Uttar Pradesh, which was later divided into Uttar Pradesh and developed as a separate state. This entire region is a suitable place for tourists. The people here are also warmly welcomed by the tourists. I am from Saharanpur district on the border of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, due to this Uttarakhand is very dear to me. Why should not this region be the last place so beautiful place where you bar Would like to go to the bar.

SarMauli is a beautiful and small place situated in the lap of snowy hills, this village is surrounded by forests from all sides, surrounded by various types of vegetation and it is also inhabited at high altitudes on the mountains. The view of the valley here looks very charming and is also full of adventure. The Himalayan Mountains all look beautiful with snow-covered mountains. The teak trees on all the mountains, the tranquil atmosphere here, is going to overcome all the worries, and get rid of the city’s tired life. All our anxieties and tiredness are exhausted here and the guests of the people are happy to see their guests.
Here is a famous festival which is named “Himal kala Sutra”. There is very exciting activity in this festival, and this festival runs for nearly a week, and this fair is organized for 20 km race, and the most attractive part of this fair is the Bird Festival, Make pictures of the birds, and decorate the entire village. Some artists show their artwork on the woods, some on paper, some trees on plants, on some leaves, many artists exhibit their amazing art by making beautiful paintings on the walls of the village. Due to this festival, this village looks even more beautiful and attractive. And at the time of this festival, this village gets lively and attracts tourists, and the tourists who came here are not aware that their holidays have ended gradually.

You will be surprised to know that they have their own Instagram Channel too. Where the activities in the village are shared with the world, so that people can know about this place and the tourists visit here and their income can be developed and provided employment. There is also a good place for tourists to be tracking here, and where there is mountain and there is no tracking at all, it can not be possible. Here are three small tracks in which Maheshwari Kund, Khaliya Top and the third Dhanadhar Ridge are located. On these treks, you will find the forest of Sagawan, various types of vegetation, flower trees and snow-covered hills, your mind, and make your path entertaining.
 So let’s give you information about these three tracks.
1) The Maheshwari Kund

It is also called the Mesar Kund. This is a small and very beautiful track. If you have a family with you then this will be the best tracking route for you. You will see frozen stones, which will be seen guiding your path. Through this whole path you will maintain Sahabatol trees and various types of flora and fauna throughout the path. On these paths, you will see trees bearing fruit trees that will keep your fads strong.

2) Second tracker Khaliya Top Trek

it is the most famous and most used way. This trek is located at an altitude of about 3500 meters above sea level. On this track, you will see various types of flower plants, flowers of different types of trees and flora, and along with these paths, you will also see many types of animals, due to which this path is lively and The mind feels enchanted. This track is very beautiful and adorable due to being in the Himalayan range. Whereas the scenes are enough to make your track beautiful, and you do not want to go back by coming here. Here you will be so relaxed that you will forget your concerns for a few moments.

3) The third track is Dhanadhar Ridge 

Here you will find everything that was found on both the tracks, but there is a small temple in the last of this track and the look of this trick looks very beautiful all around. The picturesque hillsof the Himalayas are covered with deep ditch and the view of the Gauri Ganga river is so captivating that you can spend all your time sitting here and here you will see a full 360-degree view of the Gauri Ganga river.

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