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Whitewashed houses, untouched hillsides and isolated beaches on Saronic Gulf Islands.


The Saronic Gulf Islands are situated in the gulf. It separates Athens from the Peloponnese. It is the most accessible of all the Greek islands. They offer a fascinating variety of landscapes, architectural styles and histories. Elegant and peaceful, The Saronic Gulf Islands give welcome respite from the hubbub of Athens.



It is perhaps the most celebrated of the islands. No motorized automobiles are allowed there. So not anything inside the soft sea breeze does no longer hassle. Sip your ouzo in perfect peace, as you gaze over the waves from one of the many seaside cafes. In the 18th century, this island has enriched with the collaboration of the British. It was often called “Little England”

Large, stately mansions have survived from this period and characterise the main towns. For the more determined traveller, trudge up the 1500-foot high Mount Eros to the monastery of Profitis.

Hydra is a famous meeting point for those who love art. There are also many galleries throughout the island. Artists at work may have to face the sun-lined hills. They trying to capture the glorious lights that illuminate all of the Greek islands.



Spetses has a very different, robust feeling to it. People have observed to drive the ship and possibly to boot the pirate. The local heroine is a fierce Bouboulina. She was more than a match for both the Turks and the many men.

Her house seen in the Dapia by the port. Endless pines dot the rugged, peaceful hills. Due to the narrow streets, there are only a few cars. Most of the transport is on the motorbike or horse-drawn carriage.



Aegina is the closest island to Athens and was a powerful maritime rival in ancient times. Today it is an unassuming and humble place. Aegina Town, a charming, bustling port, is the largest settlement.

Its many seafront restaurants offer fresh seafood and good value. The most important archaeological site is located east of the island. Here the temple of Affinia is located on the ancient shelter site of Apia.



The volcanic island, Poros, is within a stone’s throw of the mainland. It is a charming place of white-washed houses and untouched hillsides. Most of the population lives in Serifia. It is a part of a separate ground, which is connected by a narrow Isthmus.

The rest of the island is largely empty and seriously peaceful. Poros Town is a pretty and serene place. It has unbroken views across terracotta-tiled rooves. Visit in the knowledge that on the Saronic islands, relaxation is a way of life.

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