Killarney, Ireland: 5 Best Things You Must Do Here

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Killarney, Ireland Travel Tips

Killarney Town, Ireland
Killarney Town, Ireland

It is located in the South West of Ireland in the heart of County Kerry, Killarney is a gem of a tourist town with so much to see and do both in the town and in the surrounding area.

Join us as we reveal our top five things to do Killarney if you are in the town for a short break. Read More About Wexford, Ireland.

1.Jarveys, Killarney, Ireland

 Jarveys, Killarney, Ireland
Jarveys, Killarney, Ireland

They’re part and parcel of what it is all about and they’ve become an almost iconic symbol of the town, the strangely named “Jarveys”.

A Jarvey is a horse-drawn carriage and loads of them operate around the town taking tourists for open-top trips around Killarney.

And you’ll find them located around Killarney National Park too as they offer a unique form of transport and a great way to see the sights.

There’s also something nice about climbing up into the carriage and have the driver recount endless tales of folklore and legend as he steers his horse forward on your journey. If you’re in this city, you simply have to experience a trip with a Jarvey!

2. Take A Boat Trip

 Riverbank, Killarney, Ireland
river bank

Taking a boat trip on the Lakes of this city is also something that you should experience when visiting the town.

There are numerous boat operators around the lakes but we recommend that you make your way to Ross Castle where you can explore the history of the building before taking to the water in an open boat.

The boat operators are full of jokes, stories and fables about the Lakes of this city and they make the whole experience of gliding along the water, surrounded by absolutely stunning mountain scenery a complete joy and this is definitely something you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting Killarney.

3. Killarney National Park

Killarney National Park
Killarney National Park

Killarney National Park is impossible to ignore as it actually runs along the edges of the town and is so easy to get to from any part of the town.

There are endless trails and walkways throughout this expansive area and there is breathtaking scenery around every corner that you’ll wonder how so much beauty is contained within one region!

Get yourself out to Muckross House where you can walk by the lakeshore or take the trail to Torc Waterfall for some wonderful views that’ll stay with you forever.

4. Shopping

market of Killarney

As you’d expect from such a popular tourist town, this city is full of quality shopping that varies from your usual high street brands to souvenir shops and traditional Irish craft outlets.

Our best advice to just take your time and wander around the pretty streets of the town and browse through the shops to see what’s on offer.

The atmosphere here is really relaxed and friendly so set aside a few hours to experience the charm of the town and pick up a few moments or bargains along the way.

You should also take a wander to this city Outlet Centre where major brands sell their products at discount prices so some savings can be made.

But in general, your best bet is to simply stroll around the main streets and side streets of Killarney and you’ll unearth some gems that’ll provide you with a little piece of Killarney for you to take home.

5. Pubs and restaurants

food at restaurant, Killarney
Night Life

Pubs and restaurants are in abundance in this city and you’ll never go hungry or thirsty in this town!

The restaurants vary from traditional Irish cuisine, European dishes right through to Asian cuisine and of course, you’ll find all of the regular fast food favourites located here too.

Restaurants display menus outside so you can suss out the fare on offer and make your dining decision – Killarney has some fantastic restaurants and a lot of establishments make a point of using ingredients that are sourced locally.

Of course, Killarney’s pubs are really welcoming and range from traditional pubs to the bright, shining, modern bars. The best thing to do is simply wander around and drop into a pub that attracts your attention to whatever your tastes are.

The pubs in Killarney are geared specifically to tourists so this means that you are sure of friendly service and you’ll have a great time mingling with the locals and other visitors to Killarney.

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