Zurich Switzerland:- largest, costly but beautiful city

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Hello friends, This is jitendra and Welcomes you to my blog again,
Today I have brought you a new place after a long time, named Zurich, which is a beautiful place in Switzerland. And in this episode you will know about Zurich and will also know about the expenses incurred there!
So let’s take you to this new place: –
 Zurich is one of the largest cities in Switzerland, and while traveling from India to Switzerland, most people enter Switzerland from Zürich apart from Geneva. We’ll start your budget journey from Europe’s most beautiful, most classy and most expensive city! If you have to save money, then you see the place in a hostel here. From the Zurich Airport, place a taxi for your place of stay, which is very cheap. Compared to this taxi, it will be cheap up to 2000 rupees for you and on this ticket, no matter how many buses or trams you can travel to different cities. That is, you can roam many cities here with a ticket. Is not a saving thing
 You will find a bet in the hostel at only Rs 3000 / night. And if you want honeymoon coupling or just a hotel city center, then you have to pay about 7,000 to 9000 rupees per night at 3 star hotels. And the price of a double house and good airbnb apartment is around 5000 to 7000 rupees per night. If you eat food in the hostel then you can save a lot in your own expenses. The breakfast is made available for free, and this breakfast is available with a European style breakfast, which costs around 200 rupees in the city. You can travel here according to the budget in Switzerland for the first trip here in the first week of April. It’s the best time to travel! The peak season takes place in summers, which occurs in June, July or August. Month of September and October There is also good time for budget travelers. But after that, the snow starts falling, and the weather gets very cold. The most expensive city in Europe and the world’s second most expensive zurich city can get free bicycles by depositing 10 francs, and some id security charges. And this is the best way to locate this city!
 But if you are with children or family, then you can use a valid public transport pass for 24 hours, which includes unlimited buses, boat and tram rides. The city has various government free bicycle rental outlets. You can get their address information on their website. And from these, you pick up your free bike, and get out of town. When you come to the Zurich railway station, you will first see Guardian Angel. At the station, you will reach one of the world’s most posh streets. Bahnhofstrasse! You will find the high class of Switzerland here once, most of the luxury designer brands are available on this road. and if you ‘. By shopping like you, you can get a glimpse of the latest fashion! In addition to chocolate, science and banks, Switzerland is also known for Swiss watches! And this road is full of such shops. From here you can buy whatever you want. A Swiss watch which costs between 4 million and 40 million, precious and swizz brand like Rolex and Omega! Whether it’s super expensive luxury handbags or designer jewelery, you will find everything here.

A special note for those people who are thinking of going to make honeymoon Switzerland: –
This place can be very risky for honeymooned husbands. Compared to designer stores, this street also has the largest Swiss bank like Credit Swiss or UBS. Shops on both sides of this road are the most expensive real estate in Europe! And here’s the paradeplatz, which is the most expensive class and the real is the most expensive because it’s expensive because of the 2 largest Swiss banks, UBS and credit Swiss.
This place is a very busy intersection of the city, so many trams jig zag here, so please be careful on road road accident. After crossing The Bahnhof Streetway, they reach the Predeplatz, which is the focal point of this city. And there are big Swiss banks on this squirean. Here is a little ahead of Lake Zurich. To find out this beautiful lake and its surrounding areas, you need at least one day, we will come back later. The historic and beautiful old town on both sides of the Bahnophorstes! It is a historical and narrow. The pedestrian area is built outside of Coblastoni, which is located a large chain of local galleries and restaurants. In this area, you can take advantage of photography here, and take a picture of the entire Zurich from here. But the main attraction here is Zurich’s two main and historic churches. 
The first is The Fraumunster Church, in the Middle Ages but you can not do photography from inside because the inside photography is not allowed! And the second church, Grossmaster Church is quite famous, in 1220 it is a very beautiful church built with twin towers and you can go to its towers to enjoy the best scenes of Zurich by paying 5 francs fees, and its From the terrace, you get a complete panoramic bird view of the historic old town. After enjoying this scene, you can go to the next famous place. After five minutes of walking from the city, locals visit Lyndonhoph Hill Park to play chess, and tourists visit the city of Zurich Come to enjoy the finest scenes of Compared to enjoying with the locals, this place is known for free scenes of the city. There are lots of parks in this city, where you can go to rest after a long and tiring day. You live in some lovely and unique palms in this beautiful, fair and natural environment. Lake Zurich is very spacious, you can travel on the bike with bike. Greenery enjoys greenery, cleanliness and natural beauty! And finally, in Zurich, you can see a lot of swans stretching the beauty of its lakes. And then the sun-drowning scene is the moment to eradicate all the fatigue of the mind and body.
 Here you can see and explore many places by purchasing a 24-hour transport pass. The train tickets here are very expensive and if you rent a car then both that and the train ticket are almost the same. The University of Zurich is very famous and you can enjoy the view of an independent and beautiful city here and you have another reason to hang around here – the picture perfect free view. From here you can visit some more attractions such as Zurich City Hall, Zurich Opera House, by tram. If you do not ride the boat in Zürich Lake, then this tour will be incomplete. And in other tourism tickets, there is also a boat ride along with a bus ticket. And you can easily move from one place to another with this ride.

And in this boat, if you want, you can take a round for 90 minutes with 5 stops, you can get off at the first stop, hang out for a while, and then after a certain time you can return And the first stop of this boat is Zuricharna Park. This is a beautiful park where you can admire the beauty of Lake Zurich and you can give it to the locals of all age groups in this park. Can not, and here’s a special attraction, a Chinese Zen garden. And if you are with children, then consider this place. After spending some time here, you can also enjoy some wonderful scenes from Padu. 
Now in the end, I’m going to tell you brief about the expenses incurred here in 2 days.

.Airport Connection Tickets at Rs 150 Hostel for Rs 6000 for 2 nights Breakfast, lunch and dinner for 1000 rupees for 2 days. Passport valid for Rs. 600 in 24 hours. Charges for Chinese Zen Garden for Rs 350. SIM card for Rs 700 700 rechargeable mobile recharge The church tower bike was free for Rs 350 and you have to return it the same day, for which you have to pay 10 francs a day. And by joining the pilot ticket for your arrival, which is based on your airline company, you can find out how much your 2-day expenditure will be in Zurich.
Now our visit to Zurich has been completed and thank you people for reading this post and giving our precious time.
 Then meet with a new place, until goodbye friends!
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